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Joshua Tree illustration, influenced by my trip to Joshua Tree National Park. I took inspiration from vintage travel posters. The typography, color palette, and style of illustration resemble my inspirations.


The Paris Theme Park illustration was a collaboration between my classmate and myself. We both studied abroad together in Paris, thus we are very fond of the city. The class project was to design a map of a conceptualized theme park. Naturally, we wondered what a Parisian-themed park would look like, hence Parisville.


El Patron Steak & Seafood is for a Mexican restaurant in Oxnard, CA. I took inspiration from ancient Aztec design. The colors and typefaces portray the restaurant’s more modern look and lets customers know it’s a quality eatery.

Event Posters

I implement layout, typography, color scheme, hierarchy, mood, active wording, and eye-capturing graphics to each design. These posters were put up around campus to capture the student body’s attention, and knowing I didn’t have more than a minute’s attention from them I had to make the most important information stand out.


Class Project: Santa Barbara Sailing Center logo. We were challenged to redesign the entire image of the business of our choice for our final project. We had to include a redesigned logo and website along with ad materials and a business card. The ad materials ranged from billboard to website thumbnail sizes.


Lone Pine Photography

Lone Pine, California in the winter sunrise.


The Where the Red Fern Grows illustration was my final project for my 'Graphic Design' course. I took inspiration from minimalist movie posters. This book is a childhood favorite of mine, and I used the silhouettes and color palette to illustrate my emotions about the story.


Class project: we were given four articles with statistics about social media of 2014. Our objective was to use the information to make the infographic for businesses to use. The look is minimalist, utilizing shadows to add dimension.

Interactive Magazine

Using InDesign, I created an interactive iPad magazine, "Traveling Feet, Wandering Thoughts," with the poetry and photographs created by my talented best friend. It starts with a five-second introduction video created on After Effects. Tapping buttons or pulling tabs reveals poems that correspond to each photograph that is present. Some poems are also scrollable.


I redesigned the logo for Relate Corporation, and created a new and more sophisticated look and feel for the company's image. Along with this, we launched a new website and print marketing materials, also designed by me. The color is vibrant and works well with both light and dark backgrounds. The swoosh gives the logo energy and action, representing the company well as an eLearning solutions business.


The Mr. Kingsmen illustration was for an event poster I designed for my university's annual male pageant show. The theme of the year was superheros.


My favorite subject to shoot is nature, thus the majority of my photos are landscape photography. I love capturing the essence of the environment I am surrounded by, and adding a person as a secondary focal point in my photos displays the relationship we have to our natural environment. It's quite the humbling experience.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show illustration was created for the poster to promote the theater show that would take place at my university. This was a competition amongst my classmates, and I was chosen as the winning poster, later to be used as the promotional poster around campus.

Print Marketing

Si-Ware Systems brochure. The semiconductor company asked for a tri-fold brochure, a two-sided flyer, and two eight-foot backdrops for business expos. The redesigns were part of launching the company’s new brand identity and website.

Print and Digital Marketing

For my university’s student government, I worked with the planning committee for spring formal to design a two-series marketing campaign. The first was handing out flyers in the form of boarding passes, introducing a discount for early purchases. The second was a tabloid-sized poster promoting the event with regular priced tickets. This was accompanied by a design for email announcements.


Squeaky Clean Services is a clinic maintenance company. The logo represents the business as professional and friendly by the choice of typefaces: the script font represents the company as friendly, and the serif font brings timelessness and professionalism.

Print Marketing

Two Cities concept CD cover. As a collaberative effort, two classmates and I made up the folk band "Two Cities" then had to design the band's CD cover, front and back. We had some fun making up song titles for the back cover.


Relate Corporation needed to redesign its website to remarket itself and launch its new brand identity. Along with all-new graphics, layout, and call-to-action buttons, I also made a contact form and a portfolio gallery. The website,, is also responsive for mobile devices.


I co-founded this small 100% recycled paper greeting card shop along with three design friends. I designed the brand identity plus various card designs.


A concept logo for a fun and delicious bakery in Oxnard, CA.

Print Marketing

This brochure was used to promote the sales of the weekend holiday going on at Hotel Delfin in the tropical Mexican beach town of Barra de Navidad. We also utilized the design for an email newsletter.

About Giselle

Hello! My name is Giselle and I am a graphic designer residing in Southern California. I have about four years of professional experience in my field, having worked mostly with print, web, and branding. When I am not working away on my computer, I like to take advantage of my hands to create and my feet to explore. I love the arts and nature, thus I draw, paint, go backcountry camping, hike, climb, and strum my ukulele. I have a curiosity for the world that is so grand, it has lead me to marvelous places in ten countries over the last few years. If I ever start to feel artist's block creep in, I pull inspiration from my travels like the humble Bolivian island, Isla del Sol, or the expansive wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, just to name a few. I desire to thrive in my profession plus I love a good challenge. I'm always happy to make new friends or tackle on another project. So contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

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